Clip In Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions

FAQs on Beauty Silky Straight Short Thick Real Hair Extensions for Women Fashion

Q:Can I dye or bleach the clip in hair extensions?

A:This is real human hair, it can be dyed to a darker color. But bleaching is not recommended because it is a very damaging process and will lower the quality of your hair extensions and shorten their lifespan if you have not co-wash them properly. So It is advised to have a professional stylist dye them for the best results.


Q:How well does this hair take to bleach/ hair dye or even a straightener or curler?

A:This clip in hair extensions is real human hair and can be dyed, straighten, curled just like your own hair. You can also use styling products on the clip in hair extensions. These looks very natural and wearing comfortable.


Q:Does this item work good with halloween costumes? I plan on dressing up as a character with a ponytail.

A:Yes these are very nice and would be great for that they are a very nice quality


Q:How do I safely style the extensions?

A:Dear, thank you for your q. The following are product safety instructions!
It’s remy human hair extensions so we suggest clean the hair extensions every 2 or 3 days if possible. Brush off all the hair tangled before washing. Hand wash only in cool or warm water with shampoo. Gradually wet your hair, do not rub, scrub, bunch your hair either while washing it. Rinse thoroughly after apply a lightweight conditioner. Wrap hair in a towel and absorb excess water and comb it then left to dry natural. Don’t wear the real hair extensions to swim in and remember to take it off before sleep to prolong its life.
When you apply clip in human hair extensions, tease the lower strip of hair at the root using your comb and use a hair clip to hold the section in place. Select one human hair extensions and open up the clips. Dig the teeth of the clip into the backcombed area, and click the clip into place. Remove your reserved hair allow it to fall over the top of the extension.
If you want to change its color or bleach it, we recommend that you dye it to a darker color and try not to bleach it. because it is a very damaging process. Real hair can be bleached, but you are advised not to do this because it will damage the hair and make the hair thinner.
If you want to straighten it or curl it, you can also use straightener curler or styling products on the clip in hair extensions. These looks very natural and wearing comfortable. This double weft hair extensions is real human hair and can be straighten, curled just like your own hair.
Best regard! Hope to bring you a wonderful shopping experience!

Q:Will the hair extensions stay in my hair well, without slipping out?

A:yes, it is very good and u won’t even feel it. it’s very easy to fix and stay perfect.


Q:How difficult is this to put in by yourself and does it stay in all day without problems?

A:This clip in human hair extensions are very easy to use, just clip it to your hair, you can put it anytime anywhere. And the clip is good quality with silicon, It can stay in head all day without fall out.

Q:Are the extentions easy to use for someone who has never used them before?

A:Dear.You don’t need to weave your hair, I just need to clip it in the layer, all you have to do is divide your hair into different parts and clip them in them, they are very easy to use,even if you have never used it.