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Straight Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions

I always have trouble matching my platinum blonde hair. Most extensions that claim to be platinum end up being extremely brassy or not light enough, but these match my hair perfectly! These were the first straight, long, platinum blonde extensions that I have found in my color and I was super happy to have finally found some to use for my princess party impersonations!

I attend parties as princesses and I needed these to make my hair long enough to braid for the Snow Queen and these are great! They come with seven different pieces – 1 piece with four clips, 2 pieces with three clips, 2 pieces with two clips, and 2 pieces with one clip. I had inserted the four clip piece, both three clip pieces, and a two clip piece into my hair before braiding it!

These were surprising great quality! With being synthetic hair, I didn’t expect it to be made as well as they are. They are very soft and helped to add thickness to my hair. Since they had more shine than my actual hair, I put a bit baby powder and dry shampoo on them and brushed them out. They look more realistic now. I VERY CAREFULLY brushed them out and had very little shedding. Overall, love them!