Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions Full Head Hairpiece Wavy Curled Or Straight Heat-Resisting Div

These are my first real set of hair extensions and I love them! They arrived packed well, no tangles. They did shed a bit at first but they are doing great when wearing them. I got the bleach blonde curled mix and they look lovely mixed in with my dark brown-reddish hair. I had to trim them to match my hair length and they don’t even look fake at all. Only a tad bit shiny, similar to real hair. I can run my fingers through them gently and no tangles or snagging.

Nice! I know the colors and textures will vary with different consumers, but they work almost perfectly for me! I used these for my wedding, and my stylists were very impressed by how realistic these looked! They clipped easily into my hair and helped my curls keep their shape at a humid outdoor wedding. The extensions are super long, even for curls – but I have long hair, so it was a good match.

I did cut them a little bit so that they looked more believable. I have worn them multiple times and they still look good.