Clip In Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions

Clip in 100% Real Remy Human Hair Extensions

This hair clip is absolutely amazing! I’ve got thin hair and wanted to have that fuller hair look. I struggled at first to blend the hair and hide the clip but once I found the right placement it looked great. I’ve straightened and curled them a few time and so far they seem to be holding up well.

The clips matched my hair color spot on. The clips are perfect and make me feel great about myself again. My hair has become much more healthier with out All the coloring and dying. The clips are not super thick but with all of them in they give the look of a full head of thick hair. I sometimes go out with only a few of the clips in still looks great. I am sure with many women that have problems with thinning hair these clips will make you look and feel great. It is REAL hair so not the look of that cheap shiny synthetic barbie doll hair. Looks and feels like your real hair.

They are beautiful, and feel like real hair. They don’t fall out that other extensions do, and they conform well to heat (with the use of heat-resistant products, of course). They wash really well, and still remain soft after a couple days of wearing.