Four tips for wig care


Wig is in recent years “fashionable new favour”, the woman that loves the United States will choose wig to help oneself complete 100 change modelling, wig is very practical hairdressing tool, wear wig you can make a 1000 face young woman. And now quality good wig, not only modelling is beautiful and the appearance also is good-looking, more important is wig and true hair of distinction not big, look with real same, do rise also very easy also.

Wigs are generally not easy to get dirty and do not need to be cleaned frequently. If you wear them every day for about half a month, if you don’t wear them often for half a year. If it is curl, generally no higher than 40 ℃, water temperature higher than 40 ℃ temperature is easy to wash hair straight, clean when adding suitable amount of shampoo and conditioner will wig immerse inside, gently knead once, don’t squeeze, out with a dry towel blot moisture, hang dry in ventilated place to 7 into dry, avoid direct sunlight. Then evenly smear some non-oily nursing liquid or elastic element, comb with steel comb slowly, and then place a cool dry place to dry. If not cleaned regularly, the sebum or dirt attached to the wig will damage the wig and accelerate the aging.

Tip 1: carding should be gentle

The wig cover should be combed before application, and a little comb after wearing the wig on. Comb the wig generally choose a relatively sparse comb, comb the wig to use the oblique side, not straight comb, and the action should be light;

Tip 2: don’t use hairpins


To stop the wind from blowing off the wig, some people like to clip the wig. However, clip hair not too hard, otherwise easy to wear the wig of the network. As a result, it is best not to use hair clips, but to use decorative hair bands on the wig to secure the wig;

Tip 3: don’t wring your hands while washing

Often the hair is covered, general two to three months are washed once appropriate. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb, and then use the dilute conditioner solution to wash while combing. Cut cannot use hand pinch wring, cannot make false hair bubble to wash in washing fluid more. It’s best to use a hair wash cream for wigs.

Tip 4: clean up

The method of curing and washing true hair is relatively simple. Put shampoo in water directly, immerse wig again, use a few protect hair element to put in water, immerse wig about 3 minutes take out, brush water with towel finally, hang in cool stage after drying, put in box to save, also can follow original hairstyle comb hair orderly, reoccupy is plastic rack.

Artificial hair cleaning should be careful not to use clothes machine wash, hand washing also can not use temperature, hot water, the same steps and true hair methods. After draining the water with a towel, comb it into shape with the comb again. It is worth noting that do not comb it with the comb during the washing process, and cannot be exposed to the sun.

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